For hotels, hostels, and apartment rentals, our cloud-based hotel management software offers a user-friendly, highly customizable solution. Our application can be used without any additional technical knowledge. As a cloud-based system, AHM is accessible from anywhere, Accessible from any device at any time. Your hotel can now be managed in real-time.

Front-Desk System

With our intuitive PMS, you can manage your hotel operations without any technical knowledge. Among the many features are a front desk system, a drag-and-drop calendar, a housekeeping app, automatic invoices, a cash register, and business reports.

Professional Reports

Produce accurate financial, sales, and commission reports. Keep your sales estimates up-to-date. Make data-driven decisions by using reports to understand your business performance.

Our Team

ดร. ภิชยะ เรืองวาณิชกฤษ Pichaya Luengwanichakrit Project Director c/o Sales & Marketing

Arenondh Sanprasit – Team Developer Director

Apichart Jirattikarnkit – Project Advisor

Contact us :

Contact number ; (66) 98 718 4971

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