Import machinery


Import machinery It is a necessity of an industrial plant. Who wants to use machines that are not manufactured in Thailand or produced in Thailand, but the efficiency of imported machinery is higher or machines manufactured in Thailand do not meet the needs or imported machines are cheaper than machines manufactured within the country.

We specialize and have more than 10 years of experience in service Import machinery, request BOI, apply for an investment promotion certificate request for exception import duty reduction.

Request a quote for importing machinery Customers can send details of the machines they want to import to :

Desired details for the quotation are as follows:

1. English name Machine model and machine brand

2. Pictures or catalogs or brochures of machines to be imported

3. Details of the place of origin

4. Destination details

5. Quantity to be imported

6. Various discounts that customers want.

7. Various discounts that the customer already has.