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We think energy and how it is produced, stored and can be best used to enable the global renewable energy transition that is essential to the future of our planet.
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Founded in 2017, Triple 8 Group is a national and international company committed to excellence, quality, and innovative products and solutions. As the company has expanded and diversified over the last five years, it now serves both national and international customers. We provide quality products and innovative solutions to people and businesses through our focus on the Green Energy, catering, and import industries.

Triple 8 EnergyWe think energy and how it is produced, stored and can be best used to enable the global renewable energy transition that is essential to the future of our planet.

Holidays Club HotelWhen there are so many hotel suites to choose from, how do you decide? We have tested and compared the top hotel booking sites for you. This will help you choose the sites that are most likely to get you the hotel stay you desire for your family..

We  Care Clinic  – Telemedicine – primary healthcare Telemedicine gained strength in primary healthcare (PHC) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, there is a need to know its scope, technologies used and impacts on people’s health.

PTYES Thailand – Established in Fengxian District, Shanghai in October 2004, Pytes Energy is a leading Li-ion battery solution provider. We provide standard batteries to customers as well as customized pack solutions. Our sales, engineers and production personnel work closely with customers to design.

Triple 8 Sales & Agent-The use of sales agents allows companies to expand while minimizing risk and with known sales costs, Agents have control over their working environment and can build a business as a result. What role does Triple8SalesAgents play in this process? As more and more companies look to Sales Agents to expand their sales, recruiting Sales Agents is not easy – demand exceeds supply

Triple 8 Express – an independent freight forwarder based in Bangkok Thailand that offers excellent logistic solutions worldwide. Staffed by friendly and experienced professionals with many years of experience in all aspects of logistics and freight forwarding

T8 Cart & Kiosk – If you are looking for a modern shopping cart. Make a difference and stand out with our products. We design for young business people. who want to have a unique identity like no other with exquisite products Modifiable to your needs


Triple 8 Creative – Whether you are planning a multi-day conference, a fundraising gala, or the social event of the season, Triple 8 Creative will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. With a fresh, creative and personalized approach to event planning + design, we provide our clients with dependable communication + attention to detail throughout the process.

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